Monday, August 5, 2013

WIP Terrain - Brigade Models Hi-Tech Buildings with Micropanzer Crates

I'm working on my buildings from brigade games... they are very cool.

I got 8"x10" acrylic sheets from Lowe's (~$1.50 each).  I then scored and cut them to 6" x 6".

I also had the paint department match my graveyard earth color and got a pint, I'm very happy how they are turning out.

This is my inspiration: (from Anno 2070)

I've never used the acrylic sheets before, but I like them... no warping, easy to cut, cheap and thinner than mdf

I am also putting the crates I got from micropanzer on the bases...the styles match well.

Here are the WIP pictures:


  1. Excellent work as always Mr. H! The finished article looks terrific!

  2. Looking good! Just picked one of each too... I'm thinking villas for the planet well-to-do, corporate executive and so on: basing them with lawn, hedge/fence, deck, swimming pool and so on...

    1. Oh! That's a good idea. I was thinking about some type of garden on top of the smaller ones where the little part juts out and it has an edge to the roof. But maybe when they release their bigger ones I'll make it the same, but have it with a fenced lawn areas...

  3. My head just starts spinning with possibilities...
    - Page 67 "park & patio furniture" and maybe some page 68 "recreation furniture" (
    - Some Khurasan 15mm sci-fi grav car and/or some civilian ATV (GZG Bobcat or Ranger, or Rebel Commanche) parked on the driveway
    - Solar pannels and maybe a satdish (GZG and/or Antenociti)
    - Gamecraft security wall or Corsec barrier fence
    Guess the key here will be not to overdo it!

  4. Good tip, the acrylic works very well.


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