Friday, July 5, 2013

Old Crow 6mm Lander as a 15mm Small Insertion Drop Ship

I've painted my 6mm Old Crow Lander as a 15mm sub-orbital insertion vehicle: 

Reminds me of the X-COM vehicle.

For scale.  You can easily put a squad of 6 inside


Comments or suggestions always welcome!


  1. aeroplane! as in aeronautics, not airplane!

    mwuhahahaha I R TROLL.

    I see you are indulging your 6mm fetish again!
    Nice windows, oily stuff and decals sir.


  2. Great idea, Mr. H. I like the color you've chosen for the airship. Ditto Michae's comments about the windows and decals (One of your modeling signatures, IMO). Also the fuselage nose art is a sweet touch!

  3. Great use of mixed scales Mr. H. It's a great shame that Old Crow aren't trading at the moment- I love their stuff. I know that Ainsty are producing the Combat Cars, but it's all the other stuff I'm missing! I can only echo what has been said above- lovely work on the lander!

  4. Super work and a great idea!

  5. Wow really nice, now you have me on the hunt for one myself.


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