Friday, July 5, 2013

GZG - Tomorrow's War Figures - US Army in hardsuits

Available from:

Hi everyone,

I picked up one of each of the packs of the new US Army in Hardsuits from Ground Zero Games for tomorrows war.

They are really cool figures!  I got my first squad done last night:

Also, these are the first pics with my new Hanger 18 backdrops...

(I tried to paint an american flag on the shoulder, let me know what you think!)


  1. I like these enormously Mr H! Great colours and execution. This is the first time I have seen these minis painted anywhere, and as I have a few myself, it is a welcome post! Incidentally, I owe you an apology- I typed a reply to your comments on MY latest post, but when i look back, it appears to have gone, so I must have clicked something in error. Sorry about that- I do like to reply to all comments if I can. All best wishes.

    1. Thanks Gunrunner! Yes, I figured people would like to see some painted pics... I tried to copy the TW cover I saw that featured them.

      And thanks for the reply on my comments on your blog :)

  2. These look great they should nick these pics for the GZG site!

  3. Very nice detailed sculpts and better paint work! Great stuff, Mr. H.

  4. Wow! Darn, I do like these and they'd make excellent Combat Armoured troops for Traveller. I'll have to get some.


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