Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - "Hell Divers" trooper concept art sneak peak!

Hi everyone,

Well, I was going to hold off on showing these till a bit later, but I couldn't wait :)

Sketched by the incredibly talented Todd Ulric, this gives a pretty good idea of what the "Hell Divers' look like.

And a unit patch:

More info to come soon!


  1. I absolutely love the look of these. The helmets remind me of the Traveller Zhodane.

    1. Todd did a great job putting my rambling thoughts into a working sketch... can't wait to see what you'll be able to do with them :) Sorry they're all clothed though! (

  2. +1 on these being Zhodani. Helemet is a closer match than the Ventaurans, who have been my pick up until now.

  3. Yeah I second the Zhodani look. I think its great.

  4. This is very relevant to my interests, can't wait to see some sculpts of these guys, my interest is piqued :).


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