Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From the Komodo to the Iguana, another lizard, another WIP. The Iguana from Khurasan Miniatures.

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on my Iguana from Khurasan Miniatures (   It's a really cool vehicle and it actually fits great with my Warthog from Antenocitis Workshop.

The iguana's suspension allows for a lot of variation.  I plan on getting at least one more and I'll have that one all the way on the ground, instead of this version with is as high as it goes.  Each wheel pair can also rotate so if you wanted to have some really fancy wheel and suspension position you could.

Also, the casting quality was superb... I really like this model.

I've placed the finished Warthog (I just got another one to build) next to it to show a comparison.

I still have most of the highlighting to do, and the decals.


  1. Looking very cool, Mr. H. Have you seen the non-Aliens apc's available fron Antenociti at Salute. Assuming you won't be there so email me


  3. Very pretty, I'm glad to see that you decided to give your AW warthog some company in the streets :).

  4. Nice work as always Harold. The warthog is a great model, and the Khurasan model looks good too. I'm waiting for the new Exterminator figures to come out from Khurasan (pics on Spacejacker's blog), then I might be tempted to buy. I certainly want to look at the new models from Atenociti as well! Oh my aching bank balance...

  5. The Iguana is a lot larger than I imagined. Your camouflage scheme never gets old. Love the colours. Great job!


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