Saturday, March 23, 2013

Antenocitis Workshop 15mm Warthog - Painted

Hi everyone,

I received my 15mm Warthog from Antenocitis Workshop the other day, and I gotta say it's one of my favorite pieces of kit.

An incredibly well cast, and well sculpted vehicle.

A resin body and a white metal gun, wheels/suspension and a front bumper.

I would like to get a couple more of these.

I painted it by priming with grey, placing masking (that I cut into jagged lines), and then a dark almost black spray.  I then highlighted and placed decals.

As requested, here are a couple of compassion pictures of a AW Warthog and a KM polecat:


  1. That's a great model. And a paint job that does it justice.
    I like it a lot.

  2. Fantastic PJ, its a lovely looking vehicle.

  3. Gorgeous model and a splendid paint job. I don't normally do vehichles, but I'm beginning to think some couldn't hurt as terrain features...

  4. Very nice work, great looking model.


  5. Wow. GREAT urban camo. I really like Antenociti's stuff but I can't justify putting in an order for a bunch of cool vehicles I wouldn't get around to painting... I love the turtle-like design of this, the remote gun on the top doesn't look as good as a manned turret would, but makes a lot more sense, obviously. Though for some reason the "detached" fender plates, which make less sense, are super keen :)

  6. Any chance of seeing some comparison shots of the Warthog & Khurasan's Polecat ??

    1. Sure, i've update the post to have a couple of comparison pictures.

  7. This is a great vehicle- I fell over myself to order a couple when they were released. Your paint work only makes it better!


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