Saturday, February 16, 2013

WIP: Crimson Hegemony Flyers - HALO Micro Ops Banshee

Working on my HALO Micro Ops Banshee... I also picked up some other of the Micro Ops packs, but I'll be showing those off soon :)

Still working on these, have to do highlighting, decals, etc...

And the flyers/Grav VTOLs in a group shot:


  1. Cool! That looks pretty good with the Tau ship. You're building a scary force there.

  2. You're very good at giving your forces a cohesive look/personality. I dig this color scheme, although I have to say that every time I see one of the vehicles I'm reminded of Eddie Van Halen's Stratocaster :)


  3. Your fleet is looking used and broke-in. Nice work, Mr. H.

  4. How did you prepare the surface of the Banshee to receive paint? I imagine soap and water would be in order, but did you sand it as well?

    I have a couple of the tilt rotor craft from the same range. I'd love to benefit from your lessons learned on this project. Do you have any advice for working with these toys, and converting them to gaming miniatures?

    Oh yeah, they look awesome too; very nice paint work.

    Tom Kelley

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks! And yes, i've used the falcon as well... I found that they take paint just fine, I simply prime them!

      Here is a blog post on the falcon:

  5. Very nice. Love the cammo especially.

  6. They look great, I'm after a Falcon but don't want to pay through the nose for it though.

    The camo is very effective looking.


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