Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Sculpting Attempt - Pouches on the Shalur

Hi Everyone,

I've been wanting to learn how to do a little sculpting, mostly for when I want to do pouches, or maybe faces, etc.  I got my Shalur mercs from Rebel Minis, which are really cool figures:

I wanted mine to be more of a human spec-ops team, and I noticed they have a passing similarity to this figure:

So, I figured the biggest difference was the lack of pouches, so I tried my best, a three magazine(?) pouch, an empty weak-hand holster, and a couple of belt pouches on the back.

I think it turned out ok, it'll be interesting to see how it paints up!

What do you guys think?


  1. I like and yes they do look similar. Look forward to seeing these guys painted up!

  2. Good idea, and he is turning out OK.

  3. Nice. I haven't done any conversions at this scale yet but you've got me itching to try.

  4. They do have kind of a "Snake Eyes" look to them, don't they? It's relatively easy to add packs, pouches etc. at this scale, with even a modicum of care and skill, I'm sure these will look nice once they're painted up!

    (I wish I could get a pack with just a few Shalur in it... what am I going to do with like, 15 of them?)

  5. I'm thinking of creating additional packs as part of my commonwealth range, particularly for the sas commandos so you can sci fi bling them up depending on using them for sci fi or near future. Thinking ammo packs, holstered weapons, grenades, differing backpacks, Kukri, knives , law's etc. possibly even additional armour. Just not sure if the interest


    1. I'd buy 'em! I love having conversion packs...

  6. Nice conversions, Mr. H. From where I am sitting, these fellas will paint up looking like the add-ons were part of the original sculpt. Isn't nice to be able to add to character what you would imagine it to be carrying!


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