Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Spaceship Consoles are now available from Gamecraft Minis!

Hi everyone,

A while ago I showed off some Spaceship consoles that I had designed in 3D and had printed.  I kept trying to get around to actually making molds for them but never really did.

I was in contact with GameCraft Miniatures (  and after I sent the masters over to them Allen decided to offer them on his store.

He sent me a casting, and I gotta say, it is really clean and well cast!

I've painted up the small one so far:

And here they are on the Gamecraft Minis website:

And the pictures of the castings:

I'll be painting up the casting he sent me today, and I hope to do a couple of different themes to show what can be done with them.


  1. Very nice they are to. Even more brilliant is that they are for sale!!

  2. Cool Harold.
    So do you think anybody buys items from the many personal Shapeways shops?
    How did you do there?
    Selling your consoles conventionality will probably go better, good luck.

    1. I have bought some from shops. I think especially for spaceships and WWI airplanes it does well... I never sold any on the shapeways shop.

  3. Nice sir. And they look good in your spaceship's interior.


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