Monday, January 21, 2013

K'Lik - Alien Bounty Hunter

The Mantids are a war-like alien species renown for their physical combat prowess...

K'Lik is a legendary bounty hunter that operates a KZ-460 Scout ship.  An extremely small spacecraft, not much bigger than a lifeboat, that is also capable of atmospheric flight it has an extra section used as a cryo-pod to transport his bounties "hassle-free"

K'Lik is from the Khurasan Miniatures Alien Bounty hunter set, and the KZ-460 is also from Khurasan and is the Alien Anti-Grav Light Scout Vehicle.

I really like the bounty hunter set, and this is one of my favorite figures.  I've always loved aliens based on preying mantis!


  1. Great job on him. Love those bounty hunters. I have to buy them before my buddy does.

  2. Very nice, Mr. H.! I've got a couple sets of the bounty hunters waiting for painting and deployment in a scenario someday. I can only wonder what is lurking below the manhole cover and is waiting to make a memorable entry into the scene!! Just might scare the tobacco juice right out of the hunter.

  3. Oh man, that is such a cool model. You really did it justice, great job!


  4. Agreed

    some of your best work is that! A tutorial would be nice! :)

  5. Yeah it is cool! (and nicely painted of course) I was pretty lukewarm to this set when I originally saw it on KM's website. Maybe I'll have to reconsider. I did just paint a 15mm bounty hunter of my own, maybe I need more.


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