Saturday, December 29, 2012

GZG "Grav" Van - Fan Van conversion Build-Up

The first finished Grav Van

The grav plates attached to the side, along with one of the doors.

The front, showing the cockpit and the mini-gun

The extra pieces I don't use.  The VTOL fans and the landing gear.

The pieces left of the base kit.

The small grav plates that I use.

I also ordered the large grav plates, but didn't use them.

Attaching the top part.

Showing the four posts before I remove them.

I clip them flat.

The unmodified grav plate.

I clip at a 45' angle, with the angled part of the grav plate at the top.

I apply kicker to the grav plate post with the end of the bottle tube, this keeps the kicker from getting everywhere.

Two down, two to go.

Attaching the front mini-gun.

And the two completed Grav Vans!  They remind me of a militarized star trek shuttle, I really like them. I'll probably do a light grey scheme on them.


  1. These would work very well for Traveller, too. Great work!

  2. Very nicely done they look great.

  3. Simple but brilliant! Lovely stuff!

  4. Nice work, Mr. H. A very nice model indeed.

  5. Simple and effective. I dig it!

    1. And thanks for such a detailed run through. I love seeing how people work.

  6. I do like the model. I got one myself a few weeks ago. It looks like a g-carrier from traveller to me. Think it also looks like an AV-4 from cyberpunk with the fans on.

  7. I like your version, a lot nicer than the original!

  8. Excelsior! The Fan-Van is one of my favourite GZG kits. Brilliant and done to the true spirit of GZG.
    I hope Jon notices these and considers the potential for a full-on AG release of the F-Van.

  9. This is a great model, and the conversion is top notch- congratulations!


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