Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GZG NI Command Squad - Thanks for all the suggestions!

Finished up my NI command squad for Gruntz.

I have the Colonel with the red stripe on the helmet (the stripes on the helmets are for the squad leaders, or officers).

Then the BATINT/Drone operator and the COMMS operator. Both have the red command squad marking on their shoulder pads.

Each squad will have a different color stripes.

I might end up putting decals on these guys, I ordered some Heavy Gear decals that I think will work.

Comments and critiques are always welcome!


  1. Really nice

    I like the drab color choice with highlights, I think it just feels right. I also like the comand stripe, I do the same, so of course its great :)

  2. Nice colour scheme. The unit marking accentuate the colour scheme.

  3. Really great blog with the Sci-fi figures. I really like the last few posts on allt he sci-fi infantry and their rovers. The paintjob done is exceptional too.

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    Tell me what you see that you like. Till then, Cheeers (:

    And keep up the awesome work!


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