Saturday, November 10, 2012

Col. Jovan Odea - GZG NI Conversion

I was thinking how I wanted a Commander that stood out a little.  I've always liked the GZG conversion heads and I had found an extra NI command trooper, so I took a look at them and found a combination I liked.

It went together very easy.  The helmet came right off, and then I just drilled down a little with the Pin Vise to create a small indent for the head.

I know the head is a little over-sized, but  I think it looks good on the table.  And it makes my commander stand out!

With the Command Squad - 2OIC, Comms, and Drone/IntNet Operator

Col. Odea and the Drone/IntNet Operator

Col. Odea's front.

Col. Odea's Back

Of course, as always, comments and feedback are always welcome!


  1. Nice conversion. I hadn't thought of the NI for headswaps, but headswaps should work with most of them and other helmeted GZG figures (I'm thinking of the NSL armoured troops I intend painting up as faux-Stormtroopers).

  2. Cool. The mohawk will make him more likely to accomplish any mission!

  3. Very very nice

    I love converted word. Just adds something to the figures, even just the odd one can make the difference!

    bang on the money

  4. I find that my mohawk is far from motivating. Maybe I should take it back :)


  5. You are rubbing in the fact that I need to order some more heads from GZG... Great stuff!

  6. Great idea and conversion, Mr. H.

  7. Cool conversion, certainly looks the part.


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