Friday, October 12, 2012

"What's on the Paint Desk?" Friday - Casualties markers and Heavy Weapons

I've got a couple of things I'm painting up right now...

First off is a group of 6 casualty markers from GZG. These are great, they are NAC troopers and they can be used as waxed tokens for gruntz, or even as details in a scenario.

I have two painted up already and i'm working on these six.  I have another six to paint after.  They come in 9 to a pack, so I ended up with a bit!

I'm also working on some heavy weapon specialists.  I like the heavy grenade launcher weapon, so I ordered a pack.  For the base I just cut a circle out of thick plasticard.  I didn't have any washers around and pennies were too small.  I'm going to stop by a hardware store tomorrow and stock up on washers.

Anyways, these guys are pretty cool! 

I was also going to work on my gun emplacement but unfortunately I received two parts that were the bases by mistake and didn't get the chair for the gun.   

I e-mail Jon over at GZG and he was very nice and I asked if I could put in a small order since he was shipping me something anyways.  I ordered the new Gauntlet APC with a turret and the mule fast attack thing:

(A heavy weapon to go along with my trikes!)

(I love these hover designs, I have one as a SWAT vehicle, and two as Combat Cars [open topped]. I figured a IFV would be a great addition for when my troops can't fly in)

Well, since the part was so small, and the stuff I ordered is pretty heavy I felt bad that Jon was going to have to foot the whole bill for shipping, so I offered to pay my part of the shipping.   Jon ended up only charging me a couple of pounds for shipping (hooray!) AND he threw in a free NAC mini that was just released.  I don't know what it is, but it matches my troopers and it's brand new!  He said he literally just got it out of the new mold.

Well, I did see on Dropship Horizon the new GZG previews (
and this was the only new NAC thing:

So I'm going to hope it's that!  


  1. Aww man it will be a nice surprise if it is!

  2. They are going to need all the firepower they can get once those space raptors invade.
    Hope you get the trike too.

    1. Ah man, tell me about it! I'm in at the $25 level right now, but it looks like that's going to go up once the stretch goals become finalized...

  3. Very nice. Especially those casualty counters. I'm kicking myself. I meant to put some on my last order and completely forgot about them until now.

    1. Thanks, yeah... I do like the casualty counters. Khurasan mini's does some for their police forces too which work well.

  4. Well done Mr H. These casualty figures are well up to your high standards. Like some of the others, I think I will invest in some of these-there are plenty of applications for them. I also like the look of GZG's new releases, and that trike........!


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