Sunday, October 21, 2012

PREVIEW: Critical Mass Games previews new Star Marines

The CMG twitter feed put up some very interesting previews of their newest mercenary faction, Star Marines:

Great looking stuff!  For some reason they remind me of this:

But I'm sure that's just a coincidence :)

OH! And they have some awesome tanks coming out:

How could you NOT like those?  Very much looking forward to these.


  1. Don't do Twitter, so I missed these. The Star Marines just SCREAM Gaea Prime ISS Troopers from 5150: Star Army. The new merc armor is awesome too!

    1. I do enjoy twitter, but I use it for news (from normal news to my local fire department, to miniatures)... I think it works great in that regard.

  2. Big fan of those Star Marines, finally troopers that actually look like they're in proper power armor! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. If theres one thing theres no lack of in 15mm sci fi, it's humans in armor... These are pretty great though, will likely pick some up next time I'm ordering zombies.

  4. Nice low-profile helmets... a little safer than charging into battle bare-headed and chewing on a cigar ;)

  5. Good Lord finally someone made mine favorite sf infantry in 15mm:).Unfortunetlu by doing that they or he did changed mine purchasing plans compleatly.Im planing shame for them how i will paint them when i will get them.Im more then sure that CMG will make lots of profit on them:).Nice Blog BTW


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