Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Hour Wargames - After the Horseman. Initial Thoughts.

I picked up the PDF (and ordered the print version) of THW - ATH... and I gotta say it is a pretty awesome set of rules.

It's the most clear and well though-out ruleset from THW so far (and I really like all of their stuff).  Reading through the campaign and character sections, it was really easy to envision a wasteland or fallout-type game.

I will definitely be building some wasteland terrain (that can double as shadowrun stuff, probably) here shortly to try out some games!

I like the idea of doing a Book of Eli type game...


  1. I'll be cheering for you from start to finish!

  2. If your post-apoc stuff is as inspiring as your cyberpunk stuff then we're all in for a treat.

    Never tried THW, maybe this one will be where I start!


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