Wednesday, May 16, 2012

City Tiles - Mounting / Shadowrun Gaming

So, I printed out all of my city tiles from the WorldWorks Games Street of  Legends .

I printed them out on cardstock, but it really wasn't sturdy enough. So, I thought about it and settled on gluing it onto cork.

Well, the first experiment was with white glue.  No bueno amigo. Too much warping.  I have it under a heavy tile, but I'm not counting on it.

I settled on using superglue, I put a decent size bead around the edge on the bottom of the cardstock, place it on the cork, align it, then lay a tile on it.

This seems to work great, and I have 16 tiles done, which is about the scale size of 4' by 4' table in CM.

I'm making another four, and I might even add tiles to the other side of the cork, to give me more layout options.

I really like it, it was quick, and it looks good... I'll be taking some nice pictures tomorrow night and posting them tomorrow.

My Shadowrun/Rezolution game is coming along well.  I decided to go ahead and use the reaction table from "The Department" with some minor adjustments, with the Rezolution rules.  This will allow Flick and I to be on the same shadowrun team against security/lonestar/whatever.

Remember, chummer, until next time, double check your ammo and never trust a dragon.

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